The Board of Directors has a number of committees that serve to address specific areas of interest to the organization. The Board member chairperson of each committee is listed below. If you have questions regarding a specific committee, or would like to provide input to the committee, please contact the committee chair.

Committee Chairperson & Committee Members

Annual Meeting Committee

  • Chair – Gabe Hughes,
    Committee Members – Jeff Crabtree

Archives/Awards Committee

  • Chair – Kathy Hauff

Assistant Committee

  • Chair – Eric Langford, Director – Mark Willcut
    Committee Members –

Education Committee

Chair: Shane Hadwick

  • Crew Seminar – Eric Langford, Mark Willcut
  • Fall Meeting –  Gabe Hughes, Jeff Crabtree
  • Pest Management Seminar – Chuck Wolsborn, Dave Phipps, Stan Presley, Kurt Wright
  • Equipment Managers –

Environmental Committee

  • Chair – Rory Allison
    Committee Members – David Phipps, Chuck Wolsborn, Kathy Hauff

Executive/Finance Committee

  • Chair – Gabe Hughes
    Committee Members: Chuck Wolsborn, Shane Hadwick, Rory Allison, Jeff Crabtree

Golf/GHIN Committee

  •  GHIN – Chair – Brant Hathorn
  •  Golf – Chair – Bill Franzke
    Committee Members – Roger Vandehey, Stan Presley

Membership ~ Sponsorship Committee

  • Chair – Danny Vandecoevering
    Committee Members – Gabe Hughes

Scholarship Committee

  • Chair – Gabe Hughes
    Committee Members – Chuck Wolsborn, Shane Hadwick, OTF

Website – Task Group

  • Chair – Brant Hathorn

R4R – Task Group

  • Bill Franzke, Chuck Wolsborn

Chapter Delegate

  •  Rory Allison