Groundskeeper – Lewis & Clark College

Job Listing Posted:

The Groundskeeper performs maintenance and upkeep of grounds and landscape as directed in an efficient and productive manner. Perform work under general supervision. Work includes but is not limited to turf and plant care, hardscape, snow and litter/debris removal.

Perform landscape maintenance to include: preparing soil, planting, transplanting, trimming and watering plants, trees, flowers and shrubs
Utilize chemical and non-chemical practices for the control of weeds, disease and insects in turf and landscape settings.
Applies fertilizers to turf and landscape areas based on plant nutrient requirements.
Perform turf maintenance which may include: re-establishing or repairing turf areas by seed or sod, mow, edge, blow, rake, aerate, and debris removal.
Operates grounds equipment that include but not limited to: Mowers, tractors, back-hoe, trenchers, blowers, chemical application equipment, edger’s, trimmers, chainsaws and hedgers.
Uses hand-tools in the course of there work which includes and is not limited to: rakes, pruning shears, hand edger’s, loppers, shovels, wheelbarrows and pesticide sprayers.
Properly clean equipment and tools after use and contributes to the cleanness of community work space of the Grounds department.
Works in assigned zones, assist co-workers in their assigned zones and direct student workers when assigned.
Inspects trees, shrubs and plants to ensure they are healthy, safe and aesthetically pleasing. Informs and work with campus arborist of concerns related to trees.
Clear walks, stairs, ramps and hardscapes of snow, ice, leaves and debris which may include the use of ice-melt, ploughs, blowers, shovels and sand.
Prunes trees, shrubs and plants. Tree work is limited to non-arborist specialty tasks.
Maintenance, repair and upkeep of athletic fields.
Operate manual and automated irrigation systems. Perform maintenance and repair of said systems.
Prepares of athletic and non-athletic events that occur outdoors.
Repair, maintenance and installation of drainage.
Installs and sets post for outside signage.
Keeps an accurate record of labor, material, and equipment costs for each assigned job.
Keeps informed about current trends in the industry.
Performs other duties as assigned (may be in adverse or emergency conditions).
Required to use work cell phone and be responsive.
Considered essential personnel.
Respond to college needs after normal working hours.

2-year degree or certificate program in turf, plant science, horticulture or landscape.
Three years’ experience in landscape or groundskeeping.
Must possess a current Oregon driver’s license and be approved to drive under the College’s insurance policy.
Knowledge of use and care of hand tools and power equipment.
Sound basic knowledge of ornamental horticulture and skill in the performance of a wide variety of gardening tasks.
Ability to effectively assume overall responsibility for the maintenance of a landscaped area.
Ability to operate tractors larger than 30 HP.
Ability to perform the physical tasks required to carry out the job responsibilities.
Ability to work independently with little supervision.
Strong interpersonal skills.
Basic knowledge of e mail and Computerized Maintenance Management
Must acquire a current Oregon Commercial Pesticide Applicator’s license within six months after hire.
Ability to work days, evening, nights and weekends to meet work requirements outside of normal working hours.
Ability to read, write and speak English

Full time
Benefits Eligible: Yes

$25.49 per hour

Must be able to work in a stopped, kneeling, crouched, or squatting position continuously.
Must be able to work with arms extended or in front and supporting the weight of eight pounds continuously.
Must be able to dig ditches and shovel snow continuously.
Must be able to lift and carry a fifty-pound weight repetitively over one-half hour periods.
Must be able to life and carry a twenty-five pound weight repetitively and continuously.
Must be able to climb and work with tools from a 40-ft. ladder.
Must be able to manipulate effectively the tools and equipment used in grounds tasks.

The word continuously means that the work may be carried out over consecutive seven and a half-hour shifts with one half-hour rest period mid-shift, a fifteen minute rest period two hours after the start of the shift, and a fifteen minute rest period two hours before the end of the shift. Working under the conditions described above, workers are expected to vary their positions frequently, pause, or stretch in order to avoid fatigue and injury.

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