Mechanic – Woodburn Estates

Job Listing Posted:

Qualifications: High school degree or equivalent. Minimum 4 years experience in general maintenance on diesel and gas 2 cycle engines required. Technical background in hydraulic and electrical equipment. Minimum two years as assistant mechanic in golf course maintenance operation preferred. General understanding of golf course maintenance operations. including general knowledge of all powered equipment, knowledge of proper methods of servicing golf course equipment, and the repair and adjustment of power mowing equipment. Valid drivers license required.

1. Prepare for Superintendent’s approval master equipment major repair and overhaul schedule.
2. Coordinate and schedule all equipment for maintenance repairs.
3.Inspect, diagnose, and repair mechanical defects in golf course maintenance and construction equipment. Grind, backlap, set, and adjust mowers.
4. Overhaul and repair automotive and other powered equipment including engines, brakes, transmissions, differentials, springs, and mufflers. with Superintendents approval, have certain overhaul and major repair jobs performed by outside companies.
5. Maintain shop in orderly condition, securing and replacing tools and parts, and cleaning working areas after repairs are completed.
6. Perform administrative duties related to shop operation including purchasing, receiving, inventory control, maintaining vehicle records, and keeping current equipment safety checklists.
7. Assist Superintendent in bidding and purchasing of needed equipment and materials, including capitol equipment purchases.
8. Responsible for oil and gasoline inventories, and maintaining the fuel facility. Ensures that orders are correctly received and accounted for.

Reports to Superintendent

Wage: $26.00- $30.00/hr DOE
Benefits: Paid vacation, Sick time, Simple IRA matched up to 3%, Medical, Dental, Vision, 15K Life insurance, Long-term Disability, Paid OR Family leave.

David Robinson GC Superintendent
Woodburn Estates & Golf
Cell: (541) 852-6686