Hall of Fame

In an effort to help chronicle the history of Turf Management in the Northwest, the OGCSA Board created the Hall of Fame award in 1995/1996.  The purpose of the Hall of Fame is to recognize and honor members lifetime work and service to our industry.  It is the association’s goal to set up a permanent display honoring inductees, as well as celebrate our history.

The Hall of Fame Award is presented to a person who has done exemplary work in their field.  Factors consider include:

  • Minimum industry involvement of 20 years
  • Service given to the Oregon GCSA and its members (Board, committee, advocate, volunteer, etc.)
  • The recipient could be a Superintendent, Educator, Consultant, or Sales Representative.

2024 Inductee
Gordon Kiyokawa, CGCS

2019 Inductee
Alan Nielsen, CGCS

2017 Inductee
Robert ‘Bob’ Senseman, CGCS

2016 Inductee
Walter Mattison, CGCS

2013 Inductee
Randy Shults, CGCS

2010 Inductee
Tom Cook, OSU

2009 Inductee
Frank Zook

2008 Inductee
Dick Fluter

2005 Inductees
Ray Garner
Norm Goetze

2003 Inductees
Norm Whitworth
Roy Goss
Homer Gray
George Harvey

2002 Inductees
Richard Schwabauer, CGCS Retired
Joe Goodling

2000 Inductees
Harvey Junor
Edward Fluter
Sam Zook

First Inductees
Bill Martin
Dick Malpass


Tom Cook’s career at Oregon State University spanned over 30 years culminating in his retirement in September 2008. During that time he taught turf grass management to hundreds of students, many of whom have gone on to become very successful Golf Course Superintendents and industry leaders. Tom received his BS in Agronomy from WSU in 1972 and his MS in Plant and Soil Science from the University of Rhode Island in 1975. He then spent 2 years as a research associate at WSU Puyallup where among other things, he figured out selective ways to kill Poa annua. But in my opinion one of Tom’s great strengths was that he also knew how to grow Poa annua, and grow it very well. Tom joined the faculty at OSU in 1977. During his tenure at OSU Tom was devoted to teaching, but also conducted many turf trials which gave us incredibly valuable information and programs which guided us in the use of fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides and insecticides in the Pacific Northwest. Part of Tom’s responsibilities at OSU was extension. He solved turf grass problems which ran the gamut from inane homeowner questions, to visiting golf courses and sports turf fields in the Pacific Northwest and for that matter all around the globe. During the course of his career Tom received many awards for his skillful teaching abilities. Among the awards; Who’s Who Among Teachers 1998, Teaching Award of Merit 1985, RM Wade Award for Excellence in Teaching 1985, Registry of Distinguished Teachers 1982 and 1985 and Outstanding Teacher Award and Distinguished Service Award from GCSAA in 2006. That year he also received OGCSA’s Distinguished Service Award. To put it in a nut shell Tom did a wonderful job of teaching academic theory and blending that with real world practical education. Tom resides in Corvallis with his lovely wife Marilyn.


Frank literally spent his lifetime in service to the golf industry.  His earliest years were spent watching his father, Sam Zook, a previous Hall of Fame inductee; manage the greens at Pendleton and Eugene Country Clubs.  In 1953, at age 12, Frank joined the staff working for his dad at Waverley Country Club experiencing first hand all aspects of the profession.  He was hooked, and after serving four years in the Navy, Frank took on his first job as Superintendent of Michelbook Country Club in 1964.  Over the next 8 years, he continued his career at Green Meadows, Willamette Valley CC, and High Cedars serving as Superintendent at each.  In 1972, he decided to enter the turf equipment sales field by joining Baltz and Son in Portland, selling Jacobsen.  Out of this experience came the founding and ownership of Northwest Outdoor Equipment in 1979, starting a relationship with John Deere that lasts to this day.

As a member of the Oregon GCSAA since 1964, Frank regarded service to the association and its members as a high priority.  He served a term as President in the 1960’s, and Industry Representative on the Board in later years.  Frank always had the desire to help where needed on committees as well, most recently on the Hall of Fame committee.  His company became a strong supporter of selected events and tournaments throughout the years, including the Superintendents Invitational, and Mechanics Seminars.  Over his long career, Frank Zook clearly displayed a love of the game, and the people within the golf industry.  His service will always be remembered.


A veteran superintendent, Dick began his working life at the age of 12 at Glendoveer Golf Course in Portland, working for his dad Edward Fluter, a previous Hall of Fame Award recipient. At Glendoveer, he learned a deep appreciation for the game, hard work, and the value of serving others. He was the first undergraduate in Turf Management at Oregon State University in 1966, and began a career of service to the industry that has spanned 40 years. During that time he worked at Oswego Lake Country Club for 28 years, and most recently as President of Pacific Sports Turf, all the while being willing to give advice and help anyone in need. An Oregon GCSAA member since 1966, he served as President from 1974 to 1977. During his term on the Board he helped organize the first official superintendent’s pesticide exam sessions in Oregon, the Pro/Superintendent/ Manager/Director Tournament, and organized local efforts involved in the 1977 GCSAA Conference and Show held in Portland. In the years since, Dick has served in advisory roles with local college programs and state agriculture committees. He has been a strong supporter of Oregon State University through Board service with Trysting Tree Golf Club, and the Guistina Foundation, and was instrumental in helping to acquire the recent one million dollar endowment for the OSU Turf Program. Through these many years of service, Dick Fluter has had an opportunity to contribute to our industry, but most importantly his impact on people through his efforts will always be appreciated.


Norm is a native Oregonian, growing up on a farm in the Forest Grove area. After completing his undergraduate degree from then Oregon State College, he attended Purdue University with fellow student James Beard. Norm received his Phd in Turfgrass Studies at Purdue in 1959. A short time later, he was hired at Oregon State with the enticement that he would be able to develop a Turfgrass Program. It wasn’t quite that easy; turf issues had to often be integrated into traditional Farm Crop classes since he also served as the State Farm Crops Specialist. During these early years of the “Turf” Program his first graduates, Richard Schwabauer, CGCS Retired and Richard Fluter, went on to become Green Superintendents. Throughout the 1960’s and early 1970’s, Norm worked very closely with Dr. Roy Goss from WSU, often setting up trials to further study the WSU test observations and confirm their results. Most notably the tests on the role of Sulfur on putting green turf, a very important study at that time. He worked closely with the then Oregon Turf Managers Association; dealing with Byron Reed, Harvey Junor, George Harvey, Homer Gray, Harry Schoath, Dick Malpass, and many others to provide education programs/seminars and serve the Golf industry. During this time, Norm worked hard with Dick Malpass to try and get the Turf Program at OSU funded through the state legislature. The Seed Industry joined in the attempt as well, but funds were not appropriated. As stated previously, Norm also had full responsibilities as a Farm Crops Specialist. He was very active with the Crop Science Society of America Division C5, which was Turfgrass Science. He headed this division for 2 years, then served for many additional years coordinating and editing all articles on turfgrass research. Norm was also responsible for educating all county extension agents in turfgrass management. As future Turf Program leader Tom Cook arrived at OSU, Norm shifted his full time emphasis into the Oregon Wheat Commission and the Oregon Wheat Growers League. He was heavily involved in International agriculture development in 15 countries, including Jordan, Turkey, and Peru, by helping organize research and training educators and scientists. According to those who know him, Norm had unlimited ability and enthusiasm to do what he loved. He helped lay the ground work for what has become a first rate Turfgrass Program at Oregon State University. Those who worked closely with him recognize him as a very busy man that “always had time for his students and those who needed help”.