May is once again Oregon Golf Month

Governor Kate Brown has once again signed a State of Oregon Proclamation making May Oregon Golf Month. This marks the sixth time in seven years May is Oregon Golf Month, a proclamation which highlights the important and crucial benefits of the golf industry to the State of Oregon.

An 2019 Oregon Golf Economic Impact Study commissioned by the National Golf Foundation (NGF) details the role the golf industry has in the region. Amongst the study’s key findings are:

  • A total economic impact of $1.6 billion annually in Oregon
  • The golf industry in Oregon supports more than 16,500 jobs with $508.1 million of wage income
  • Contributions of $19.1 million annually to Oregon charities
  • Economic impact comparable in size to other important industries in the state, such as fishing and wine.
  • More than 242,000 Oregonians include golf as a part of their healthy lifestyle
  • Golf Courses represent responsible uses of green space, providing wildlife habitat and coridors, a filter for runoff, and a cooling effect within developed area that benefit local communities, as well as the state.