As the Oregon Legislature approaches their April 9th deadline to move bills from Committee, the pace at the Capitol is picking up. We are seeing bills with potential significant impacts being scheduled regularly. Please pay attention to your trade associations’ Action Alerts, we all need your help telling agriculture and forestry’s story!

This coming Tuesday, March 26th will be a big day at the Capitol. Several hearings will focus on pesticide bills. Our coalition needs applicators willing to attend the hearings and/or submit written comments on these bills.

OPPOSE HB 3044Creates a new regulatory program at the DEQ for recording aerial pesticide and fertilizer application information. Makes data available to public on agency’s website.

Requires DEQ to send notice to affected properties when DEQ determines the records indicate products drifted beyond an application site. No agency can make any credible determination based solely on records, and the result will be alarming Oregonians without merit.  Today, assessments rely on real-time observations, in-person consultations and investigations routinely conducted by ODA. This bill also allows DEQ to fine the applicator up to $50,000. Our coalition has developed the following talking points on this bill and aerial applications.

House Natural Resources Committee, Chair Brad Witt
8:00 AM: Hearing Room E

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OPPOSE SB 853 & HB 3058bans chlorpyrifos and classifies neonicotinoids as restricted use pesticides.

Opens the door to the legislators making pesticide use decisions product-by-product instead of relying on the science teams and regulators at our state and federal agencies. Talking points

SB 853
Senate Environment & Natural Resources Committee,
ChairMichael Dembrow
1:00 PM: Hearing Room C
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HB 3058
House Agriculture & Land Use Committee,
Chair Brian Clem3:00 PM: Hearing Room D
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OFS has also issued the following Action Alert to help you submit letters to your legislators and the two Committees.

SUPPORT HB 2980Extends the pesticide use reporting system.

Without reinstating the PURS program, legislative decisions regarding pesticide     restrictions are premature. We encourage the legislature to prioritize the PURS system and avoid difficult technical or policy decisions on pesticides. Extending and funding PURS is the logical first step before any renewed legislative efforts to regulate pesticides. Talking points

House Agriculture & Land Use Committee, Chair Brian Clem3:00 PM:Hearing Room D
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