OGA-OGCSA Superintendent Spotlight – December 2020

In this month’s Superintendent Spotlight we feature Jim Myers who has been with Columbia Edgewater Country Club for the last 18 months.  

Describe your facility in 10 words or less:
Busy country club with an outstanding membership and a yearly LPGA event.

What is a little-known fact / fun fact about your facility?
Both Director of Golf and Head Pro are extremely good golfers!

What’s your favorite hole at your facility?
Hole No. 9 – the finishing hole for the LPGA.

You are interning for a different position at your facility (for a day), what would that role be?
Bag room staff, you get to meet every member at some point.

Excluding your current facility, what is the top golf course you’ve played?
Either Hong Kong Golf Club or Pinnacle Point Golf Club South Africa or The Bluffs Ho Tram Vietnam.

Have you had a hole-in-one? When and where?
Yes – Plateau Club, Hole No. 16.

What’s your favorite sports team and why?
Detroit Red Wings – I love playing hockey.  

What is your go-to club in the bag?
4 iron

Who joins you in a dream foursome?
Ernie Els, Rory McIlroy, Tiffany Chan.

What’s your favorite tool in your tool box?
Moisture Meter

Country, Rock or other?

Let’s say there’s a three-day weekend coming up—what are you going to do?
Play golf in Canada.

What led you down the path of becoming a superintendent?
I worked on a golf course as a kid.

What’s the biggest change that has occurred while you’ve been in the industry?
Technology in Irrigation and spraying.

Who is your mentor?
Piet Pieters – Ernie Els Design

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone wanting to become a superintendent?
Walk your greens daily if you want to make your mortgage payment.