OGA-OGCSA Superintendent Spotlight – September 2018

In this month’s Superintendent Spotlight we feature Bill Swancutt, who has been superintendent at Illahe Hills Country Club for 38 years.

Describe your facility in 10 words or less:
A fun place to play and work, a very friendly and outgoing membership and staff!

What is a little-known fact / fun fact about your facility?
Illahe Hills Country Club is actually the second version. The original ‘Illlihee Hills Golf Course‘ was in the hills adjacent to the current facility.

What is your best 18-hole score at your facility?

What’s the biggest challenge your facility presents to you as superintendent?
Occasional flooding of the Willamette during the winter.

What led you down the path of becoming a superintendent?
A great mentor in John Zoller Sr. at Eugene C.C. When I was a youth.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve witnessed or done as a superintendent?
I’ve seen a lot of interesting things and been a part of a few in my 38 years! I’ll tell you all when I retire! Lol

Tiger or Phil?

Jack or Arnie?
Gary Player​

Ducks, Beavers or other?
Beavers (we should throw Gaughan out of the association!)

Grapes, hops or milkshake?

Excluding your current facility, what is your favorite golf course?
Lahinch in Ireland

What’s your favorite tool in your tool box?
Our mechanic doesn’t allow me any tools since I usually make matters worse…

What’s your favorite major tournament?
The Open Championship

What would you invent right now to make your professional life easier?
A machine that would compact and rake bunkers so that everyone could could get a sand save every time! Lol

If you could change a Rule of Golf to make your life easier, what would that be?
Can’t think of one, except to penalize the first group in the morning if they tee off before they’re suppose to.

If your owner decided to plow up your course and make it a farm. What crops would you suggest?

Let’s say there’s a three-day weekend coming up — what are you going to do?
Pretty much just work.

How much sand do you accidentally take home in your socks over the course of a year?
A lot

Who is your idol in the golf world?
Gary Player

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone wanting to become a superintendent?
Be ready to work long hours and have an understanding spouse.