President’s Message—12.30.15

Greetings all,

I hope everyone has enjoyed the holidays so far. I can’t believe the years end is upon us. At times, it seemed like the record setting seasons of heat, and now precipitation, would never end yet here we are ready to welcome in 2016. Despite my lack of communication to our membership, the BOD continues working toward keeping the OGCSA moving forward.

In early October, the BOD met with GCSAA’s Chapter Outreach Director Steve Randall, Chapter Services Senior Manager, Leann Cooper, and NW Regional Field staff representative, David Phipps, for a strategic planning session. The group conducted a SCOR analysis (strengths, challenges, opportunities, risks) of the chapter’s current position. This invaluable service, provided to each GCSAA affiliated chapter at no additional cost, offers the opportunity to analyze our chapter’s performance and examine ways to improve service for our membership. To Steve, Leann and Dave, thank you for the assistance examining our chapter’s mission, vision and values and identifying new goals for us to work toward.

The most pressing issue currently facing the Association is retaining a new Executive Director. Yes, you read that correctly. After seven years with the OGCSA, Linda Whitworth has decided to take the opportunity to enjoy her favorite things; family, golf, travel and friends. I hope you’ll join me in thanking Linda for her exemplary service during her time spent managing day-to-day operations of the OGCSA. During my time on the board, Linda has always been the cornerstone we could count on for anything pertaining to OGCSA operations and more. Personally, I am sad to see her leave, but appreciate her decision and wish her nothing but the best on her future endeavors. Linda won’t vanish completely from the Association, the Whitworth Scholarship will continue and she has graciously agreed to extend her service through the transition to a new Executive Director.

The search for a new “Linda” commenced several months ago and is nearing its completion. Resumes from around the country, even one from India, were reviewed by the Selection Committee with four finalists being forwarded to the Executive Committee for interviews. One finalist candidate withdrew from the process, of the remaining three, one stood out above the rest as the best fit for the OGCSA. An offer has been made and negotiations are underway. I would like to thank the entire BOD for their efforts during this arduous process; it has truly been a team effort. I plan to be back to you soon with the announcement of our new Executive Director.

In closing, I would like to thank the membership, sponsors and hosting facilities for your continued support of the Association’s programs and events. Your contributions and participation make it all possible. I wish everyone a safe, prosperous and Happy New Year!

Best regards,
Richard Jensen
Crooked River Ranch GC.