President’s Message – Rounds 4 Research

What a difference a year makes, spring is hopefully making an early arrival this year. I have visited with a number of superintendents that have already done a first round of aerification.  I hope you have all been able to get out and enjoy the early winter reprieve and remember why we became golf course superintendents.

As the season changes, it is time to join the Golf Course Superintendents Association of American (GCSAA) and its philanthropic arm the Environmental Institute for Golf (EIFG) for the annual Rounds 4 Research. EIFG, through the program, tries to fill the absence of dwindling turfgrass research funding.  80% of the funds raised will be returned to the Oregon Golf Course Superintendents Association (OGCSA) and its philanthropic arm the Oregon Turfgrass Foundation (OTF).

Rounds 4 Research gives local GCSAA chapters an opportunity to raise funds that they can direct to research. Funds generated help to ensure the golf industry remains strong and viable.  The OGCSA and the OTF have directed funds to turfgrass research being carried on at Oregon State University.  In many cases these funds are matched when included with a grant application.

It is easy to donate, go to the Environmental Institute for Golf web page ( and click on “Donate a Round”.  You can also find this link on the homepage of the OGCSA website ( You will be directed to a online donation form to fill out.  In the form you will designate the number of rounds, what is included, and what restrictions your course or club require.  You will also be requested to what GCSAA affiliate chapter to direct the funds.  The 2018 Rounds 4 Research auction will be held from April 30 – May 6.

Last year we had 25 courses/clubs making 30 donations that generated $5,277.60. This greatly helps the OGCSA annual commitment to turfgrass research.  Please join me and fellow OGCSA members in donating to this program.  In May take the opportunity to bid on courses you might not normally get to play.

Chuck Wolsborn
OGCSA President