Summer President’s Message

Living through a pandemic, as we all have been the last four months, has proven to be a roller coaster.  I sincerely hope this letter finds you and your loved ones healthy and safe.  As mask wearing is mandated, businesses attempt to reopen, and talk of how to safely start the next school year begin, golf has remained a reprieve for many from the new stresses of everyday life.  Courses are filling up and with the great weather to begin the summer, maintaining turf has been somewhat easier than in recent years.  Let’s hope the pattern continues for a few more months!

              Our new Board of Directors has hit the ground running and is busy working on many different aspects of our association.  I’d like to once again welcome our new Board members, Jason Dorn from Portland Golf Club, and Stan Presley from Wilbur Ellis, and also recognize and thank our out-going Board members, Rory Allison, Brant Hathorn, and Mark Willcut for their years of service to the association.  This year’s Board has its work cut out as we move forward and planning for the next year will be tough, but I’m confident we’re up for the challenge.  We have several committees in place that represent the backbone of the Board, and ultimately the OGCSA.  I’ll reiterate that any member (superintendent, assistant, or affiliate) may serve on one of these committees, and if you’re interested don’t hesitate to contact Alexis.  GCSAA’s Rounds 4 Research auction is under way, and a big thanks to the courses that donated this year.  Money raised from the auction aides in the OGCSA’s pledge of $15,000 a year to the turf program at Oregon State.  The OTF tournament is another big fundraiser for Alec and his team at OSU and is on the schedule for October 11th and 12th at Sah-Hah-Lee Golf Course and Portland Golf Club.  The OTF Treasure Chest is a great way to pick up a product you use or try something new and support the turf program.  Registration for both the Crew Tournaments (Arrowhead on August 25th and Quail Run on September 15th) have opened and are a great way to give your crew a day away from the course.  These events will follow the guidelines/restrictions in place at the time, so please pay attention to communications leading up to them.  We are also still planning a fall event at McMenamins Edgefield on September 22nd and will keep you informed on what it may look like as we get closer to the date.  The revised BMP plan should be completed soon, and the committee is working on ways to put together a workshop(s) to help implement a site-specific plan at your facility.  The Education Committee is busy working hard on different scenarios for the Pest Management Seminar at the end of the year, and can assure you that the OGCSA will be able to provide a platform for members to earn their OR and WA relicensing credits.

              The OGCSA’s membership and sponsorship is strong and healthy as we move forward in a world full of uncertainty.  I’d like to thank our amazing sponsors for all that they give to chapter and let everyone know that this Board will work hard to maintain the OGCSA as a valuable resource for both groups.

              Please don’t be afraid to reach out to me, Alexis, or any other board member if you have a question/concern or need assistance in any way.  I look forward to seeing everyone somewhere other than on a screen soon.  Be safe and enjoy the rest of the summer.

Shane Hadwick

OGCSA President