Chapter Delegate Report

It was my privilege to travel to the Midwest, representing the OGCSA, and meet with peers from across the country on October 20th and 21st at the GCSAA Delegates Meeting.  The in-person meeting was held this year at the Airport Marriott in Kansas City and much different than last year’s online format.  It was an information packed day and a half with great opportunities for us delegates to ask questions and share feedback from our local chapters.

      The first afternoon kicked off with briefings from GCSAA President Mark Jordan, CGCS and CEO Rhett Evans on the solid state of the association with an emphasis on the importance of the GCEP Surveys and facility BMP adoption.  Mark Johnson, the Associate Director of Environmental Programs walked us through the online planning guide and BMP tool.  Next, we were updated on the Conference and Trade Show by Robert Randquist, CGCS.  The CTS will be condensed over 3 days, February 8-10th in San Diego, with education opportunities each of these days.  A virtual education conference will also be offered February 23rd and 24th.  Information on GCSAA PAC fundraising was provided before the dinner and reception to conclude the night.

              The next day started with updates from GCSAA Departments on Chapter Outreach, The First Green program, Advocacy, and the recently re-named GCSAA Foundation (EFIG), which included dates for next years Rounds 4 Research Auction (April 25th-May 1st).  President Jordan spoke on GCSAA efforts in enhancement and development of existing and potential programs for underrepresented populations to have a career in the golf industry.  Director Jeff White, CGCS, shared information on the modernization of the certification program, followed by GCSAA Secretary/Treasurer Kevin Sunderman, CGCS, briefing the delegates on a proposed dues increase.  Last years’ increase was tabled due to the pandemic, and the Board’s proposal, which is based on a 6.6% CPI adjustment from October 2018 to September 2021, would raise Class A/B dues $30 to $430 and Class C dues $15 to $220.  A good discussion on the increase was held, and the Board will consider the delegates feedback as they consider the proposal.  The remainder of the day was full of small breakout sessions where we dove into industry issues such as labor, career development, and BMP adoption.  It was a great opportunity to hear and share ideas with superintendents from different parts of the country.  Many relevant questions and comments were also directed to the GCSAA Board during a town hall meeting in the afternoon.  The meeting concluded with presentations from the Board Candidates and another round of breakout sessions, allowing us time with each candidate.

              As I said it was a full day and a half of information, and GCSAA does have a full recap with outcomes on their website if you would like more details of the meeting.  It’s an honor to serve as the OGCSA delegate, and please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns.

Shane Hadwick, Chapter Delegate, OGCSA Past President