OGA-OGCSA Superintendent Spotlight – December 2021

In this month’s Superintendent Spotlight we feature Steven Beyer who is Superintendent at Illahe Hills Country Club


Describe your facility in 10 words or less:
Golf Heaven in Oregon.

What is a little-known fact / fun fact about your facility?
There’s an 800 lb black angus buried on site…

What’s your favorite hole at your facility?
The 163-yard par 3 13th

What hole on your golf course is hardest to maintain (and why)?
Hole No. 8. There are noise restrictions which makes it difficult for tournament prep.

Outside of your own, what is your favorite golf course (and why)?
Challenge at Manele / Good memories

Have you had a hole-in-one? When and where?
No, but so close. Only a half rotation away on the 17th at Chambers Bay

Do you have a superintendent dog?
Yes – Auggie (short for Augusta National). He is a one-year old German Shorthaired Pointer who specializes in goose removal / eradication!

Who is your favorite all-time professional golfer?
Arnold Palmer

Which movie can you watch that never gets old?
Napoleon Dynamite

What led you down this career path?
Free Golf

What tool do you use the most on the job?
Sadly, my phone

What’s the biggest change that has occurred while you’ve been in the industry?

What would you invent right now to make your professional life easier?
Mobile office assistant

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve witnessed or done as a golf industry professional?
Hang Christmas lights; they don’t teach that in school!

Who is your mentor in the golf industry?
Bill Swancutt

What is one piece of advice you give to someone pursuing this line of work?
Go big or go home!