2016 Fall Meeting Recap

On September 14th, 2016 – 37 industry professionals attended the Fall Meeting at Bend Golf & Country Club. We had a great meeting with three dynamic speakers followed with lunch and 9 holes of golf. The day could not have been nicer. Those of you that could not attend…….. you really missed out! Thank you to host superintendent, Tom Baty and Bend Golf & Country Club for there continued support of our association.

Thank you to Brent Radford for putting together a fun golf game for all of us. We played a 9-hole Stableford Competition. Congratulations to the winning team, with a score of 45 ~ David Phipps, Pat Cook, Tony Lasher, and Alexis Wenker. 2nd place winners, with a score of 41 ~ Brian Farrell, Mike Kisic, Brent Radford, and Darren Klein. No……the competition was not rigged!

Our first speaker was Patrick Cougill, a local Bend area attorney. Patrick gave a presentation on some of the 2016 employment law changes in the state of Oregon. Specifically he covered the topics of the mandatory paid sick leave and hourly vs. salaried employees and the new wage threshold for salaried employees. Patrick also briefly covered Marajuana use in the workplace and workers compensation.

Patrick is happy to answer any additional questions, he can contacted at:
(541-639-5835) or email: pcougill@cougilllaw.com
View Patrick’s Powepoint Presentation –patrick-cougill-9-14-16-presentation

Our second speaker was Tomas Schwabe, from Oregon OSHA. Thomas revisited and updated the group on the OSHA Hazard Communication System (HazCom) and how it is becoming more aligned with Globally Harmonized System (GHS) – now includes EPA requirements. Thomas reviewed the overlap in hazardous communication (OSHA) and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the use of pesticides in the workplace. Thomas explained the 5 parts of  the new GHS system: Labels, Pictograms, Safety Data Sheets (formally MSDS sheets), Written program, and training. He described how HazCom works including the new Consumer Product Safety Act for consumer use chemicals that are used in the workplace.

For more information, help, or question: Contact:
Thomas Schwabe ~ OR OSHA, Bend Field Office
email: tomas.schwabe@Oregon.gov or (541)-388-6068

or outside the Bend area:
Salem Central Office: (800)922-2689 or (503)378-3272

Our final speaker came all the way from Ohio to join us. Marc Cahalan, Business Development Manager from TCF Equipment Finance reviewed some of the options that superintendents have when looking at acquiring new equipment. Marc reviewed the pros and cons of paying cash, bank loans, and 3rd party financing. Marc continued to go into detail about the different lease options that are available for financing.

Marc is happy to answer any additional questions, he can contacted at:
(877)-580-6630 or email: mchalan@tcfef.com
View Marc’s PowerPoint Presentation:marc-chahalan-9-14-16-presentation